Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Closure

Just a reminder that Limebank Road is closed between Leitrim and Spratt Road. Please see Getting Here for alternate directions.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mixed Up Schedule and Rules

Here is the latest email that I sent out to the captains on July 27, 2010:

Hello captains,

We have finalized the schedule and it is located here: (or you can always access it from the Mixed Up website: Please note that we tried to balance the pools for geography and we also tried to respect the results from the CUC regionals.

We will also be having a Showcase game on Saturday between two Junior teams: Overdrive (Toronto) and RessureXion (Ottawa) at 4:45 on the showcase field (Field #2) right next next to the beer garden. The showcase game on Sunday will be the finals at 2:45 again on Field #2.

We are using UPA 11th Edition Rules.
Gender Ratio is 4:3 or 3:4 (receiver's choice)
All games on Saturday are to 13, hard cap at 15.
All games on Sunday are to 15, hard cap at 17.
Two time-outs per half
Soft cap (one horn) is at 80 minutes, hard cap is at 90 minutes (two horns), if the game is tied, play one more point. Someone on the sidelines should also keep track of the time, just in case you can't hear the horn. Captains should agree on a watch.
Games will be signaled to start with a long horn.
Please submit all of your scores to the score reporting tent (with the whiteboards) as soon as you can.

NOTE ABOUT SUNDAY POOLS F, G and H (listed as Saturday, but it should be Sunday). Team 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D will be ranked according to (1) Wins, (2) +/-, (3) Points For, (4) Original seed. The first of these teams will be 5W, the second 5X, the third 5Y and the last 5Z. We will be ranking the teams during the Juniors showcase game (as soon as we receive all scores), so we will try and post the Sunday schedule as soon as we can.

Spare Players/Pick-Ups

If any teams need any spare players, we have created a spares list: Please contact me, if you want to pick-up any of the players and I will give you their contact information.

Weather Protocol

The weather is supposed to be pretty nice this weekend. However, please note the OCUA weather protocol that we will follow. If you hear the horn blow three times, please go to your cars. We will blow the horn three times again to resume games, but would ask all captains to come to the score tent so that we can give further instructions on how the rest of the day will proceed.

If you see lightning the game should be discontinued. In order to ensure the safety of our members OCUA employs the "30-30" rule. The first 30 refers to seconds. If you see lightning and can 'stall count' to thirty or more before you hear the attending thunder, then the lightning is at a safe distance and you can leave the field in normal fashion. Less than thirty and you should immediately discontinue play and seek appropriate cover quickly. The second 30 refers to 30 minutes. You should wait for half an hour until after the last lightning is observed before resuming your game.

If you are caught in the open by a sudden storm, get to shelter as fast as you can. An automobile provides some protection due to its rubber tires; standing beside a car with an umbrella does not. Remember that lightning is attracted to conductive material like the metal of an automobile. If you are unable to reach shelter, then assuming the 'lightning safety position' is the best alternative. Squat to lower your profile and touch your heels together, in order to direct any charge away from vital organs to your legs. Cover your ears to avoid damage from thunder. Never lie on the ground, as lightning will travel along wet ground and by lying down you have exposed your heart to the possibility of close contact with a ground traveling strike. If your body hair stands up, then a strike is imminent, immediately assume the safety position or get to cover.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Update - July 26th

Here is a copy of the email that I sent to Team Captains today:

Hello teams,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the tournament. The longterm weather forecast for the weekend is looking good. :) That's all I am going to say about weather, but everyone keep their fingers crossed.

The tournament will be held at UPI ( For those of you who haven't been to UPI before, disc central will be on the clubhouse rise, which is located between Fields 1 and 2.

At disc central, you can find the following:
- schedule and score reporting tent
- free field food (bagels, fruit, cookies, etc)
- physio tent
- Education in Action (charity) selling coffee, cold drinks and gatorade
- BBQ (run by scarlett)
- Beer Garden (please note that all beer must remain within the fenced area)
- Merchandise by FIVE ultimate and Daredevil Discs (clothing and discs respectively)

As parking is limited, there is a parking fee which depends on the number of people in your car:
1 Person- $5
2 People- $4
3 People- $3
4 People- $2

We will not be having a captain's meeting prior to the start of games, but if you still owe me money, come find me in the Score Reporting Tent.

Please remember to place all garbage in the garbage bags which are tied to the field markers.

I will be sending out a schedule to the captains by the middle of the week. Along with the schedule, I will include any additional information about tournament specific rules (timecap, lightening protocol, etc).

If you have any questions, please let me know.